Toll Free Number Portability

Allocating and porting New Zealand toll free numbers

Toll free number portability allows a customer to change their service provider while retaining their toll free number. The joint venture has developed a common industry database system known as the TNAS System for the introduction of toll free number portability in New Zealand. This system co-ordinates the processes necessary for the allocation and porting of toll free numbers.

Toll free number portability is managed through the telecommunications joint venture company TNAS Limited.

The TNAS Terms and Conditions set out the general terms and conditions which apply in relation to the use of the TNAS System. These terms and conditions form part of the Toll Free Database Access Agreement.


The contact details for TNAS are:

Ph: 64 9 475 0201
Fax: 64 9 479 4530TNAS Limited
PO Box 65503, Northshore, Auckland 0754


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