The documents and rules associated with industry number portability

Operations Manual

The Local and Mobile Number Portability (LMNP) Operations and Support manual provides detailed procedures for operational implementation and management of Porting Processes and multi-lateral issues that Service Providers and Carriers need to implement. The procedures outlined in the manual support the processes defined in the LMNP Terms and the Network Terms.

The manual applies to all parties to the Number Portability Determination.

LMNP Terms

The LMNP Terms provide the business requirements for LMNP. They detail the processes that enable end-users to port their phone numbers and set out the rights and obligations of parties involved in a number portability environment.

A centralised Industry Portability Management System (IPMS) facilitates number portability.

Please refer to the TCF IPMS Technical Specification document for detail regarding IPMS functionality.

Network Terms

The Network Terms set out what is required of participating carriers in the development of their own network solutions and specify the optional and mandatory requirements necessary between networks for Local and Mobile Number Portability.

Number Portability Determination

The number portability determination sets out the formula for allocating the cost of the IPMS, the functions that must be performed by the IPMS and the parties involved in number portability, and the standard to which those functions must be performed.

The LMNP Terms and Network Terms form the number portability determination.

IPMS Production Configurations documents

Changes are often made to IPMS when new carriers come on board and detail regarding these changes can be found in the Number Portability User Group Drive. Please contact us if you do not currently have access to this drive.


Operations and Support Manual for Local and Mobile Number Portability


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