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August 2018

TCF Report Highlights Top Telco Industry Trends

22 Aug 2018

TCF Report Highlights Top Telco Industry Trends

May 2018

Over 100,000 Phones Recycled by RE:MOBILE in FY2017

22 May 2018

In the 2017 financial year, RE:MOBILE collected 101,630 unwanted devices.

December 2017

Fifty Thousand Funds Flagship for Cleaner Coastlines

14 Dec 2017

The RE:MOBILE mobile phone recycling scheme has donated over $50k to the Sustainable Coastlines charity in 2017, helping fund their Flagship Education Centre.

December 2016

Sustainable Coastlines Cleans Up with $32k Donation

19 Dec 2016

RE:MOBILE, a mobile phone recycling scheme run by the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF), has donated over $32k to award winning charity Sustainable Coastlines in 2016.

Product Stewardship Scheme Annual Report FY16

19 Dec 2016

RE:MOBILE is an accredited Product Stewardship Scheme created for the purpose of reducing the environmental impact of unwanted mobile handsets.

October 2016

Orana Wildlife Park collects phones for recycling

3 Oct 2016

A fantastic result from Orana Wildlife Park in support of RE:MOBILE mobile phone recycling.

May 2016

Sustainable Coastlines appointed as beneficiary of RE:MOBILE

24 May 2016

The TCF has appointed Sustainable Coastlines as the new beneficiary of its accredited mobile phone product stewardship scheme, RE:MOBILE.

TCF appoints Sustainable Coastlines as RE:MOBILE beneficiary

9 May 2016

New Zealand waterways will now be better off as a result of tens of thousands of mobile phones recycled each year through the RE:MOBILE scheme.

January 2016

New mobile phone at Christmas? Remember to recycle your old phone

12 Jan 2016

If you received a new mobile phone at Christmas, don’t leave your old phone to die slowly, gathering dust in the bottom of a drawer.

September 2015

Mobile phone recycling continues to deliver good environmental outcomes

15 Sep 2015

The telecommunications industry works collectively to manage the end-of-life mobile handsets and accessories responsibly.

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