Submissions made by the TCF on telecommunications related matters.

Regulation and levies


Climate Change Commission Advice re Second Emissions Reduction Plan July 2023
Consumer Data Right Exposure Draft Bill July 2023
111 Contact Code Review June 2023
Commerce Commission Copper Withdrawal Code Review May 2023
Natural Built Environment and Spatial Planning Bills Feb 2023
Commerce Commission re TDRS Non-Membership Aug 2022
TCF Response to MBIE Lifting Connectivity July 2022
Number Portability Determination Review Oct 2021
Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Scheme Mar 2021
Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Review Dec 2020
NZ Consumer Data Right  Oct 2020
CT-100 Joint Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand Project Sept 2020
NZ Accession to the Budapest Convention Sept 2020
Revocation and Replacement of TIPC Aug 2020
Commerce Commission Draft 111 Contact Code July 2020
TIPC Amendment Mar 2020
Films, Video and Publications Act Submission on Exposure Draft Feb 2020
Copyright Act Reform Issues Paper April 2019
DPMC and MBIE Data Preservation Costs Consultation Paper Mar 2019
Commerce Commission Specified Fibre Areas Process and Issues Paper Feb 2019
Commerce Commission Copper Withdrawal Code Minimum Requirements Feb 2019
Residential Tenancies Act Proposed Reforms Oct 2018
MBIE on Commerce Commission Funding  July 2018
Commerce Commission Funding for Future Fibre Regulation May 2018
New Zealand Privacy Bill May 2018
Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill Feb 2018
Telecommunications Act Review: Post-2020 Regulatory Framework for Fixed Lines Services Mar 2017
Telecommunications (Property Access and Other Matters) Amendment Bill Interim Report Nov 2016
TCF response to Northpower Proposal re Telecommunications (Property Access & Other Matters) Amendment Bill Sep 2016
Telecommunications (Property Access & Other Matters) Amendment Bill Aug 2016
Lawful Interception Standards – Call and associated data format Aug 2016
Resource Legislation Amendment Bill Mar 2016
Regulating Communications in the future

Nov 2015


Allocation of funds from the Telecommunications Development Levy

Jul 2014


TSO for Local Residential Telephone Service Review

Aug 2013


Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Bill 2013

Jun 2013


Proposed amendments to the UCLL, UBA, Backhaul and Co-location STD documents

Aug 2011


New Unbundled Copper Low Frequency Service (UCLF) STP

Jul 2011


TSO, Broadband and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

Mar 2011


Section 216 of the Criminal Procedure (Reform and Modernisation) Bill

Feb 2011


Infrastructure and services

TCF submission on the DPMC resilience of critical infrastructure consultation Aug 2023
Final TCF submission on the Auckland future development strategy Jul 2023
Exposure draft of the Natural and Built Environments Bill Aug 2021
NEMA Critical Infrustructure Consulation Document  Jul 2021
Infrastructure for a Better Future: Aotearoa New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy Consultation Document Jul 2021
Proposed Independent Infrastructure Body Oct 2018
Proposed amends to National Environment Standard for Assessing
& Managing Soil Contaminants
Oct 2016
National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity Jul 2016
NZ Productivity Commission – Better Urban Planning Mar 2016
Land Access and Multi Unit Complexes Regime Feb 2016
Proposed Changes to the NESTF

Apr 2015


Revised Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan – Provisions

Jun 2013


NESTF Review

May 2013


Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan – Provisions

Oct 2012


Christchurch City Plan – Proposed Plan Change: Plan 63: Utilities

May 2012


Internet & Mobile phone services

Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Regulations – Fee Review

Apr 2012

Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Regulations 2011

May 2011

Electronic waste

Priority Waste Streams for Product Stewardship Intervention

Jul 2014


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