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  • Facebook phone deals more than consumers bargained for

    7 Aug, 2017

    The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) has issued a warning to consumers buying bargain second-hand mobile devices through channels such as Facebook groups.

  • Comparative Consumer Costs

    3 Jul, 2017

    Across the board in New Zealand, real costs of comparable utilities for consumers are increasing over time, while the cost of telecommunications services continues to decrease

  • GigCity Light Years Ahead

    27 Jun, 2017

    The GigCity win was extremely important for Dunedin’s economy because the tech sector is a growing component of the business ecosystem

  • Wholesale broadband price drop passed through to consumers

    21 Jun, 2017

    The Commerce Commission has today released a study showing that 90% of the recent reductions in Chorus’ regulated wholesale broadband prices have flowed through to consumers.

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