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Mobile roaming is the ability to make and receive voice calls and use data when travelling outside the geographic coverage area of your network. This means when you travel outside New Zealand and use your mobile phone you will incur additional charges.

Before you depart, discuss your travel plans with your mobile phone service provider. Whether you are visiting one or more countries, you can choose a mobile roaming package to suit. First, consider how you will use your phone abroad. Control how much you spend with a data cap. Also manage and monitor your usage with alerts to avoid unexpected costs.


Tips for reducing roaming data consumption:

  • Ensure data roaming is switched off before you depart, and only switch it on when you require it, to prevent background downloads and updates from using roaming data.
  • Check your phone settings only allow for app updates over WiFi connections.
  • Download a data usage monitoring app, to more accurately monitor accurate usage, and avoid bill shock.

To give you an idea of how much data you might use while roaming, have a look at the below table. These estimates are based on average Smartphone consumption using 3G network. Data usage will vary across devices and networks so these figures are to be used as guidelines only. Updated estimates for roaming over 4G coming soon.


15 Mins30 Mins1 hour
Browsing5 MB10 MB20 MB
Social Media5 MB10 MB20 MB
Video Streaming (standard)30 MB60 MB120 MB
Video Streaming (HD)60 MB120 MB240 MB
Music Streaming15 MB30 MB60 MB
Skype (video chat)20 MB40 MB80 MB
Google Maps9 MB18 MB36 MB
Email (without attachments)---1MB per 40 emails

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Last Modified On Friday, 26 January 2018