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Many New Zealanders would like to recycle their mobiles, but are worried about what may happen to their old data.

It is important that you remove any personal information, data and linkages to storage such as iCloud from mobile phones before donating for recycling as well as remove and keep your SIM card.

Where possible we remove all memory and SIM cards from donated phones, and where possible, also perform a factory reset to restore the mobile handset to its original manufacture setting.

Phones destined for recycling are dismantled for material recovery. This means any existing data on your phone will be destroyed during the process. However, there is still a portion of phones donated that are working. These are on-sold for reuse in emerging markets, so we recommend that you clear any personal information first.

How to remove your data

For a quick guide on how to wipe the data from your phone, click here.

For more detailed information on how to back up your phone, move your accounts to a new device and reset your phone, visit your manufacturer’s website below:


Apple iPhone


Last Modified On Tuesday, 25 June 2019