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Changing mobile phone service providers can mean more cost-effective plans, larger data packages and the ability to purchase a new mobile phone. The process is simple and allows you to change your mobile service provider while keeping your existing number.

Before you switch mobile providers you should always check what contract or plan you are currently on as there may be a charge for breaking the contract. You may also have outstanding bills to pay i.e. if you have purchased a mobile phone as part of your contract.  

In order to switch provider, you will need to have purchased a sim card for the new mobile network. Once you have the sim card, contact the mobile service provider you wish to move your services to. Tell them if you would like to keep your existing mobile phone number. In some cases, you can do this online via the new mobile service provider’s website.

Porting your number can take up to one business day. There is no fee to port your number.

Switching with an eSIM

An eSIM is an ‘electronic SIM’ that is embedded into the mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch rather than being a card that you can physically take out.

If you are wishing to port out an eSIM, the process is slightly different as you will need to locate the ICCID number first. To do this:

  • iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About > ICCID
    Note: If you tap ICCID, it may switch to CSN. Tap again to view the ICCID.
  • Android: Go to Settings > About or About Device > IMEI information
  • Samsung: Go to Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager > eSIMx > More Information

Your ICCID number is typically made up of between 16 – 17 digits (length may differ between providers). Once you have the ICCID number, contact your new service provider and they will work with you to finalise the porting process.

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Last Modified On Wednesday, 14 October 2020