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If you are planning on switching mobile service providers but wish to keep your existing number this is possible through a process called number porting.

Before you switch mobile providers, always check your existing contract or plan. Check to see if there is a fee for ending your contract or plan early, or if you have any outstanding bills. For example, if you buy a mobile phone on contract, you may have to pay any remaining charges when you switch providers.  

To switch providers, after purchasing a SIM card from the mobile network you wish to join, you should contact the new mobile service provider and let them know if you want to keep your existing mobile phone number. In some cases, you can switch to a mobile provider through their website.

Porting your number may take up to one business day. There is no fee to port your number.

Switching with an eSIM

An eSIM is an ‘electronic SIM’ that is embedded into the mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch. There is no physical card that you can remove.

Many devices can have an eSIM as well as a physical SIM card, allowing you to have two mobile phone numbers on one device.

Transferring or switching your number to another provider with an eSIM is different.

First, locate the ICCID number. To do this:

  • iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About > ICCID
    Note: If you tap ICCID, it may switch to CSN. Tap again to view the ICCID.
  • Android: Go to Settings > About or About Device > IMEI information
  • Samsung: Go to Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager > eSIMx > More Information

See below an example of how an ICCD looks on an iPhone:

Your ICCID number has between 16 to 17 digits (length may be different for each provider).

When you have the ICCID number, contact your new mobile service provider. They will help you to finish the porting process.

Note: If you are using a dual SIM device, make sure you select the correct SIM and number to switch over. See the link below for more guidance (instructions may vary by manufacturer).

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Last Modified On Wednesday, 21 April 2021