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We establish Working Parties to undertake specific pieces of work on behalf of industry

Working Parties comprise TCF Member representatives and invited parties.

Abandon Intact Connections

Managing connection and termination of copper and fibre services in abandoned intact scenarios.

Broadband Product Disclosure

Providing clear and consistent information about broadband plans to customers.

Electronic Waste

A collaborative and unified industry effort and voice on e-waste matters.

Mobile Messaging Services

Encouraging the responsible and compliant delivery of mobile messaging services to consumers.

Premises Wiring

Developing recommendations for cable installers for both residential and business premises when connecting to telecommunications services

Scam Phone Calls

Working together to reduce international phone scam calls to New Zealand.

Vulnerable End Users

To assist consumers who have an identified vulnerability and a dependency on connection to a fixed line telecommunications service.

Last Modified On Friday, 2 July 2021