Mobile companies committed to working with Commerce Commission on consumer transparency improvements

Mar 9, 2021

TCF CEO Geoff Thorn said global industry surveys had consistently shown New Zealand mobile consumers were well served by world-class telecommunications networks and services, but the industry is committed to continual improvement. 

“Mobile providers are already giving their customers a lot of useful information about their usage via apps, online portals and bills. Over recent years, each provider has worked hard to improve these information services,” said Thorn. “That said, we agree with the Commerce Commission that as an industry we can make further improvements.

“We’re pleased the Commerce Commission has agreed to leave the specific design to individual providers about how usage and spend information is provided to their customers. This information is part of the overall customer service package – an area in which providers are vigorously competing and innovating to provide the best for their customers, and it’s important that this continues.”

Thorn said the TCF is also progressing a project with mobile operators to promote the development of better tools to make it easier for consumers to compare mobile plans and products.

In the most recent global ranking[1], New Zealand ranked third out of 170 countries based on four key enablers: infrastructure, affordability, consumer readiness, and content and services. New Zealand has retained a top 3 ranking for each of the past six years.

“We believe the industry has worked hard to earn that ranking, but we are always seeking to do better, as this latest agreement with the Commerce Commission indicates.  We know how vital telecommunications services are now for New Zealanders, especially in today’s challenging COVID-19 environment, and the industry is committed to continuing to invest, innovate and improve for the benefit of all,” commented Thorn.

[1] GSMA (the global mobile industry body) study, September 2020.

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