Telco industry supports Commerce Commission review into consumer dispute resolution scheme

Apr 23, 2021

TDR is an independent service, free for residential and small business customers, which helps consumers resolve complaints with their telecommunications provider.

Due to recent changes to the Telecommunications Act, the Commerce Commission is required to review the TDR scheme at least once every three years.  The Commission published an issues paper today and has to complete its review by 13 November 2021.

“We believe there is always room for improvement, and we hope this review process results in a strengthened TDR scheme that is able to help even more New Zealanders if they encounter issues with their telecommunications services,” commented TCF CEO, Geoff Thorn.

During 2020, TDR assisted more than 2,200 New Zealanders to resolve their enquiries and complaints with their broadband, mobile or home phone provider.  It is pleasing that the vast majority of these cases were resolved directly by the provider after initial assistance and referral by TDR, with less than 2% of all cases requiring facilitation, mediation or adjudication by TDR, Thorn said.

“There are nearly 8 million telecommunications connections in New Zealand and the increasing complexity of technology, combined with the ever-growing reliance by consumers on their telecommunications services, means providers are continually working to improve their service levels and meet rising customer expectations.”

Thorn said global industry surveys have consistently shown New Zealand mobile consumers are well served by world-class telecommunications, following $15 billion worth of investment in networks and services over the past decade. That has seen New Zealand rise to 3rd in the world rankings for mobile services[1] and 12th for overall digital connectivity[2].

[1] GSMA rankings, Sept 2020

[2] Huawei Global Connectivity Index, Nov 2020

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