Telecommunications Forum Industry Report 2023 released

Oct 24, 2023

“The report provides a snapshot of an industry in good heart, investing where it will really make a difference to our communities and with competition across the board”, says CEO Paul Brislen. 

“Telecommunications is playing an increasingly more important role in everyday life and the expectation is that telecommunications will always be available and will enable education, entrepreneurship, work, entertainment and so much more.” 

The report covers the main work of the sector this year and dives into five main areas: Resilience, Sustainability, Consumer Protection, Digital Equity and Connecting Aotearoa. 

“The Forum works closely with our members and key stakeholders across other sectors, with government and community circles to provide the best possible outcomes for consumers of telecommunications services. Whether we are recycling old devices, helping navigate the dangerous waters of scams and fraud or making sure our most vulnerable customers remain connected and able to participate in modern society, the Forum has a key role to play,” says Brislen.  

With a new government, the Industry Report focuses on information the sector believes will help shape policy direction. 

“For the sector it is key that the new government continues to support telecommunications investment across our key priority areas identified in the Report as we wrap up some major initiatives such as the Ultrafast Broadband and Rural Broadband Initiatives, it’s time to ask ourselves where to from here.” 

View the full report here

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Paul Brislen.

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