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telecommunications complaintsComplaints about your telecommunications service

The Telecommunication Dispute Resolution (TDR) is an independent service, whose aim is to help consumers resolve complaints with their telecommunications provider. It is a free service for residential and small businesses.

What can the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution (TDR) service help with?

The TDR can investigate complaints about any products and services obtained from your telecommunications service provider. The TDR will advise whether your complaint is covered by the scheme. Answer the following questions to see if TDR can help

How do I make a complaint to the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution (TDR) service?

If you have a complaint, in the first instance please contact your phone or internet service provider.

If you have reached the end of your service provider's complaints process and your complaint has not been resolved or it has been more than six weeks since contact was made and a satisfactory resolution has not been reached, a complaint can be lodged with the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution (TDR) service.

If you haven't been able to resolve a problem with your phone or internet service provider, contact the TDR or Freephone 0508 98 98 98

Dollar value of complaints

The TDR can consider claims for amounts up to $15,000

Disputes about statutory rights of access

If you have a complaint regarding a network operator's statutory rights of access to your property for the purpose of fibre installation, please contact the Utilities Disputes scheme. All other complaints regarding telco services can be made to the TDR.

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Telecommunication Dispute Resolution Service

A free independent service to residential and small business

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Last Modified On Friday, 2 February 2018