Fibre 100 broadband plans delivering great experience to customers

Dec 17, 2019

As a result of more volunteers coming online, the latest report from SamKnows breaks down Fibre 100 plans by service provider and regions for the first time.

“The report shows Fibre 100 plans are delivering 99% of advertised speeds with all reported providers performing well. Overall, Fibre 100 plans are delivering a great internet experience to consumers,” Head of Telecommunications Simon Thomson said.  

Meanwhile, the more expensive and faster Fibre Max plans are delivering average download speeds of 658 megabits per second. This is more than six times the speed of Fibre 100 and significantly faster than copper (ADSL and VDSL) and fixed wireless technologies.

“While Fibre Max plans are achieving fast download speeds, we are concerned that they are only delivering 72% of providers’ advertised speeds. We caution providers to ensure they can back up their speed claims and will be monitoring this closely in future reports.”

The testing month for the latest report was 15 September to 14 October 2019, coinciding with the Rugby World Cup. 

“All our measurements indicated that despite heavy demand during the testing period, including during the All Blacks vs South Africa game, there was little impact on consumers’ experience of the wider internet,” Mr Thomson said.

The enhanced broadband monitoring programme is helping to build a picture of what broadband is best for different households:

  •  ADSL: supports basic web browsing and video streaming.
  • Fixed wireless (4G): higher download speeds than ADSL. However, can experience stuttering and drop-outs for video calls and gaming. 
  • VDSL: supports more intensive internet use, but not as reliable as fibre. Households with multiple users should consider fibre if available.
  • Fibre 100: much better for ultra HD streaming and intensive applications like gaming for multi-use households and will accommodate the demands of most heavy users. All tested providers offer reliable service across the country. 
  • Fibre Max: highest speeds but unlikely to provide a noticeable difference over Fibre 100 unless 6 or more users are streaming video at the same time. 

“The more volunteers that sign up to take part in the programme, the more detailed we can make our reports. We’re still on the lookout for volunteers on Vodafone’s cable products, and volunteers on all technologies, plans and providers in Christchurch, Hamilton and in rural areas.” 

Read the latest report and find out more about the programme, including registering to become a volunteer at

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