Increased customer complaints reported

Oct 14, 2016

Although the number of consumer complaints recorded by the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Scheme (TDRS) has increased, the New Zealand Telecommunications industry is providing world class services, says TCF CEO Geoff Thorn. “New Zealand is one of very few countries offering nationwide gigabit services to consumers via the UFB network, and this kind of innovation is putting us ahead of many other global service providers.”

As reported in its recently released Annual Report the TDRS has seen a significant increase in enquiries. The TDRS received 2,619 enquiries in the 2015/16 period, the highest since its inception in 2007. This was a 35 per cent increase on last year and 18 per cent higher than the previous year.

“The TDRS has seen an increase of over a third compared with the previous year and the TCF shares the view that this is mainly due to greater awareness of the scheme itself and the high number of connected New Zealanders. The scheme has been actively promoted by the TDRS, particularly online. Customers now know where to go for help in resolving their telecommunications issues and this is encouraging,” says Geoff Thorn.

“The TDRS was established with the intention of providing a simple, independent and free disputes resolution process between telecommunication providers and their customers and it is certainly delivering on this. Because the TDRS exists, consumers have a means of escalating unresolved issues in a results-oriented manner,” explains Geoff Thorn.

“The TDRS has also proven to be flexible in its ability to adapt to market changes. An excellent example of this is the inclusion of UFB related complaints within the scope of the scheme.

The TCF is encouraged to see a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +67, which indicates a high level of satisfaction with the scheme.

The TCF encourages anyone who feels their telecommunications complaints have not been addressed by their service provider, including issues associated with UFB services, to contact the TDRS via or 0508 98 98 98. The TDRS is independent, free and available to assist small businesses and consumers resolve disputes with their telecommunications provider. Membership of the service is mandatory for all TCF members.

For more information, please contact: Geoff Thorn, TCF, CEO
Ph: +64 21 937 920 | Email: | Twitter: @TCFNZ

For media enquiries contact
Paul Brislen.

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