Latest Commerce Commission report confirms consumer broadband performance remains high quality

Apr 13, 2021

TCF CEO, Geoff Thorn, said the report indicated broadband performance across the country on the various technologies available was stable and in line with expectations. 

“The vast majority of New Zealanders already have access to world-class broadband services, while ongoing government/industry partnerships are bringing significant improvements in broadband performance for those living in less populated and rural areas over the next couple of years.”

The broadband measuring report confirms that performance of the high-end “Fibre Max” plans has improved since the previous report and is now in-line with expected performance. This followed a successful collaboration last year between industry companies, the Commerce Commission and its independent testing partner SamKnows, to identify and fix some performance issues with these plans.

“The Fibre Max improvements are a great example of how consumers benefit when the industry and regulators work collaboratively to identify issues and work together on solutions,” Thorn commented.

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