Telco industry warns of increase in scam calls

Jun 10, 2020

Wangiri calls are typically missed calls from an overseas number, with the caller hanging up after one ring or less, before the receiver can answer. The intention of the scammer is to entice you to call back the number upon seeing a missed call. If you do call back the number, once connected you may be charged at premium rates, while a message plays to entice you to stay on the line as long as possible.

“The TCF’s scam call prevention process, which enables scam calls to be notified and blocked across all New Zealand networks, has drawn attention to an increase this week in Wangiri calls which are typically originating from African phone numbers,” said Geoff Thorn, TCF CEO.

“If you receive a missed call from an unknown overseas number, instead of returning the call, wait for the caller to contact you again to ensure it is a genuine enquiry. If you suspect that the call may have been an instance of Wangiri, we suggest you contact your telecommunications provider to let them know about the scam so that it can be investigated and blocked.”

If you wish to report any scam call or text that you receive, it is helpful if you can provide as much information as possible. Information that should be passed on to your telco provider includes the caller’s phone number, the date and time you received the call or text message, and any other information that you received from the call e.g. who did they say they were, what they wanted you to do.

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