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If you are planning on switching mobile service providers but wish to keep your existing number, this is made possible through a process called number porting. In a number porting scam, the Scammer manages to hijack your mobile number and transfer it to their own mobile provider.

By doing so they are then able to use your phone number to ‘pretend’ to be you, including things like text or phone verification of a request for the password to be changed on your bank account. If the Scammer acts quickly, funds can be removed from your bank account before you are aware your phone number has been hijacked.

While this is a relatively new and uncommon scam, prevention measures are being put in place to make it much harder for the scammers to do this. Click through to new measures page.

How do I know if I have become the victim of a Number Porting Scam?

The first sign of a Number Porting Scam would be loss of service on your mobile phone or being locked out of your account.

How do I report a Number Porting Scam?

  • Report it to your mobile service provider.
Last Modified On Tuesday, 25 May 2021