New Zealand telco industry prepared for increasing demand due to COVID-19

Mar 16, 2020

“The New Zealand telecommunication industry has high quality networks which are more than able to respond to extra demands on the networks from people working from home and spending more time at home due to self-isolation,” said Geoff Thorn, CEO of the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF).

“The industry has made investments in the past to ensure that ample capacity exists, and this was demonstrated by the performance of the networks during the Rugby World Cup.”

While each of the telecommunications providers has capacity to deal with increasing demand, the industry is working together to ensure it is prepared in case of anything unforeseen.

“The TCF has commenced a process of regular coordination meetings to ensure that as an industry we are able to respond and if necessary, share resources and logistics,” said Thorn.

“The industry has worked together in many crisis situations before, such as the Kaikoura earthquake, to ensure that we collectively support New Zealand, and we will continue to do this as the situation develops.”

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