New Zealand Telecommunications Forum Annual Report confirms Telco industry in good shape

Aug 25, 2021

The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) today releases its Annual Report providing an overview of the country’s telecommunications industry.

This comes at a time when the sector is under increased pressure throughout the Level 4 lockdown with New Zealanders all working and learning from home.

TCF CEO Paul Brislen says, “We work very closely with all service providers and receive daily updates on how networks are performing and it’s been pleasing to see that to date all networks have been running well with no major issues.”

“This resilience is thanks to the ongoing investment into the industry – we have the fourth highest level of investment in telecommunications in the OECD (as a percentage of GDP) and in recent years had the highest fibre uptake rate in the developed world. We are 12th in the world for overall digital connectivity in the Global Connectivity Index 2020[1]”.

Read the TCF Annual Report 2021 here.

[1] 2020 Global Connectivity Index (

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