TCF supports improving product disclosure for telecommunications consumers

Oct 12, 2022

The TCF will be responding to the Commerce Commission’s improving retail service quality emerging views paper on product disclosure. 

The Commerce Commission’s paper highlights a number of areas relating to the way providers inform consumers about the products and services they market – a goal supported by the TCF, says CEO Paul Brislen. 

“Making sure consumers have a clear understanding of the products and services they buy is essential and we fully support the Commission’s work in this regard. The paper raises a number of areas for input and we will be seeking to better understand how we can move this work forward in the New Year.” 

The New Zealand telecommunications sector is a highly competitive market, with a wide range of products and services available to meet the needs of all consumers. The market has seen an increase in service providers delivering differing technologies such as fibre, fixed wireless and satellite.  

“Many providers offer bundled services that combine their broadband, electricity and gas, for example, with one provider, or receive discounted content services. This can be challenging for some consumers and it’s important we make it easy for them to understand what’s on offer,” says Brislen. 

The Commerce Commission’s paper asks the industry to consider six key issues: 

  • Price comparisons 
  • Total cost of service 
  • Comparing plans 
  • Comparing bundles 
  • Comparing customer numbers 
  • Comparing mobile coverage. 

“Over the past year, the industry has completed work on improving the way providers talk about broadband and mobile services so a lot of what is asked for here is on our radar – it’s simply a matter of working through the detail, developing the best solutions that meet the Commerce Commission’s guidelines once issued. We will work with the Commission to develop those guidelines and to expand on our existing industry codes where required,” says Brislen. 

The Commerce Commission’s paper is available online and submissions are due by 7 December 2022.  

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Paul Brislen.

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