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A thoughtful and environmentally friendly disposal option for unwanted mobile handsets

The telecommunications industry is strongly committed to responsible management of e-waste. Our aim is to raise awareness and change consumer behaviour around responsible disposal of e-waste.

The nationwide RE:MOBILE programme is supported by 2degrees, Spark and Vodafone.  The programme is operated by Swapkit on behalf of the TCF.

The RE:MOBILE product stewardship scheme is accredited by the Ministry for the Environment.

Recycling your phone saves valuable materials and energy while helping to look after New Zealand’s waterways. Sustainable Coastlines, a multi-award winning New Zealand charity, has partnered with RE:MOBILE to collect and recycle used mobile phones. The proceeds from these mobiles help plant trees alongside our waterways to restore habitats for native animals, reduce sediment and improve water quality. 

RE:MOBILE aims to:
  • Reduce the environmental impact of unwanted mobile handsets in New Zealand.
  • Increase mobile phone recycling awareness and change behaviour.
  • Increase confidence in the industry by establishing appropriate standards of practice.
  • Enable a collective industry-wide solution to the responsible management of end of life mobile handsets and accessories


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