New mobile phone at Christmas? Remember to recycle your old phone

Jan 12, 2016

If you received a new mobile phone at Christmas, don’t leave your old phone to die slowly, gathering dust in the bottom of a drawer.

Instead, do the right thing and make use of RE:MOBILE – the national mobile phone recycling scheme run by the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF). In doing so, you’ll be contributing towards charity and doing something positive for the environment.

Unwanted mobile phones can be disposed of at any of the 180+ conveniently-located collection bins at the retail outlets of 2degrees Mobile, Spark, Vodafone and other public places.From there, they are collated and checked by SwapKit – TCF’s appointed recycling partner. Reusable phones are quality assessed, refurbished and then distributed to emerging countries for resale, hopefully providing many years of service to their new owner.

Inoperable phones are also collected as part of the RE:MOBILE Scheme with approximately 95% of the components reused.

New Zealanders concerned about what might happen to their old data can learn how to remove this from their mobile devices by visiting

TCF CEO Geoff Thorn explains the purpose of RE:MOBILE:“The scheme helps to reduce landfill in New Zealand, minimise the number of mobile phones going to waste, reuse phones that can be given a new lease of life, and recycle component parts of phones that can’t.”

It’s an industry initiative led by the TCF in which all the major mobile phone operators work together.

The proceeds go to charity and cover the collection and handling of the mobile devices.

RE:MOBILE received accreditation from the Ministry for the Environment in July 2014.Since then, more than 150,000 mobile phones have been successfully recycled or reused under the scheme, and approximately 18 tonnes of potential harmful substances diverted from landfill.

Visit for more information about mobile phone recycling.


For more information, please contact: Geoff Thorn, TCF, CEO 
Ph: +64 4 815 8176 | Mobile: +64 21 937 920

For media enquiries contact
Paul Brislen.

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