Samsung Note 7 Blacklisted by Telecommunications Industry

Nov 4, 2017

For safety reasons the New Zealand Telecommunications industry, in coordination with Samsung, is blacklisting any Samsung Note 7 mobile phones still held by customers, from 18 November.

This means that Samsung Note 7’s will not be able to be used across any of New Zealand’s mobile networks, after 18 November.

New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) CEO Geoff Thorn says this is a further safety measure by the carriers to ensure everything is being done to assist with the recall process.

“Numerous attempts by all providers have been made to contact owners and ask them to bring the phones in for replacement or refund, this action should further aid the return of the remaining handsets.”

The TCF provides a free public service which allows consumers to easily check whether a mobile phone has been blacklisted. Each mobile phone has a unique identifying number called an IMEI number and if this number is blacklisted the phone will not operate on any mobile network in New Zealand.

Samsung has issued a worldwide product safety notice in relation to the Samsung Note 7, prompting the recall of all the devices in circulation.

“Anyone who is still in possession of a Samsung Note 7, please return it to your service provider as soon as possible” says Thorn.

For more information, please contact: Geoff Thorn, TCF, CEO
Ph: +64 21 937 920 | Email: | Twitter: @TCFNZ

Mobile Blacklisting

If consumers have a phone lost or stolen in New Zealand, they can report it to mobile service providers and have it blacklisted. This means it will no longer work on any mobile network in New Zealand.

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