Telco industry organisations collaborate with Commerce Commission on consumer education initiative

Jun 8, 2021

The factsheet was developed jointly to increase consumer awareness around home phone technology and the Commission 111 Contact Code. The Code supports vulnerable consumers by ensuring they can contact 111 emergency services during a power cut.  

The factsheet can be found on the TCFTDR and Commerce Commission websites and will be distributed to stakeholders and community groups.

TCF Communications Director, Andrew Pirie commented: “The telecommunications industry recognises how important it is for all New Zealanders to be able to access 111 services in an emergency.  We want to ensure those home phone customers who are at particular risk of needing to call emergency services for health, security or disability reasons are aware of technology changes and how their telco provider can assist them.”

TDR’s Operations Manager, Jeanie Robinson, encourages all Kiwis to check their phone services: “Can you and your loved ones contact emergency services during a power cut? This is an important question and one that we should all ask ourselves. While most of us have access to a mobile phone, some New Zealanders will need an alternative method. The 111 Contact Code is there to support these New Zealanders, and should a disagreement arise it’s reassuring to know that TDR is here to help no matter who your provider is. If you haven’t resolved any issues within 5 days, talk to TDR to help get issues sorted.”  

Tristan Gilbertson, Telecommunications Commissioner, Commerce Commission, wants consumers to be aware, prepare and apply for extra support under the Code if they qualify: “Communications technology is changing rapidly and some of the new ways of connecting will not work in a power cut. Being able to connect if the power goes out is essential – so we’re right behind this initiative to increase awareness about our 111 Contact Code.  It’s especially important that Kiwis who rely on access to emergency services know about the extra support available from their home phone telecommunication providers.”

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