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April 2021

Telecommunications industry welcomes Commerce Commission’s completion of Mobile Bill Review

1 Apr 2021

The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) has welcomed today’s confirmation that the Commerce Commission has completed its review of consumer mobile phone bills.

March 2021

Commerce Commission report reinforces that NZ'ers continue to be well served by telco industry

16 Mar 2021

The publication by the Commerce Commission of its annual telecommunications industry monitoring report has reinforced that New Zealanders continue to benefit from world-class networks and services at reasonable prices, the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) said today.

Mobile companies committed to working with Commerce Commission on consumer transparency improvements

9 Mar 2021

New Zealand’s mobile service providers have agreed with the Commerce Commission to implement a range of initiatives to provide customers with better information so they can make more meaningful comparisons and choices about their mobile services, the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) said today.

December 2020

Telco industry offers tips on how to stay connected this holiday period

21 Dec 2020

Telecommunications companies are preparing their networks for a busy holiday season as more Kiwis than ever are expected to travel around rural New Zealand and holiday hotspots compared with any other year.

Telco industry and Commerce Commission work together to improve broadband performance

11 Dec 2020

The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) welcomes the Commerce Commission’s ‘Measuring Broadband New Zealand Spring Report’ released today which confirms that New Zealand telecommunications consumers continue to receive good performing broadband services.

Telco industry welcomes certainty of Copper Withdrawal Code

10 Dec 2020

Today, the Commerce Commission has published its Copper Withdrawal Code which sets out the processes and consumer protection requirements Chorus will need to follow when it begins the process of gradually withdrawing its copper network from areas throughout the country where fibre is available.

Final decision on allocation of $10 million Telecommunications Development Levy

3 Dec 2020

The Commerce Commission has today released its final determination on the allocation of payments for the Government’s $10 million Telecommunications Development Levy (TDL) for 2019/20.

November 2020

Telco industry reminds New Zealanders to be wary of scam phone calls

17 Nov 2020

The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) is marking International Fraud Awareness Week by urging New Zealanders to follow the “two golden rules” to minimise their risk of falling victim to scam phone calls.

Telco industry committed to keeping vulnerable home phone customers connected

17 Nov 2020

The telecommunications industry is committed to ensuring vulnerable customers can continue to access emergency services during power cuts and welcomes the publication of the Commerce Commission’s final 111 Contact Code, the NZ Telecommunications Forum (TCF) said today.

Commission completes input methodologies to valuing fibre providers’ financial loss

3 Nov 2020

The Commerce Commission has released its final decision on its approach to determining the value of the financial loss asset for fibre service providers under the new fibre regulatory regime.

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