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January 2022

Be aware of TCF phone scam

27 Jan 2022

The TCF has been alerted to a phone scam currently circulating in which people are impersonating the TCF.

From satellites to submarines – why connectivity is an essential service

18 Jan 2022

The news from Tonga (or lack thereof) is a sobering reminder of just how reliant we all are on modern communications networks. When they are disrupted, it creates a huge amount of uncertainty and slows down our ability to respond to a crisis in any coordinated way.

December 2021

Your mobile phone may just save your life this summer

21 Dec 2021

Telecommunications has become an essential service and most of us don’t think twice about being able to stay in touch. But when you’re out on the road or in the wilderness, it’s not necessarily as easy as it is in the city.

Changing with the times

16 Dec 2021

Fourteen years ago we didn’t have iPhones, we didn’t have fibre to the home, we didn’t really have fixed wireless services and most customers were moving from dial-up to DSL. How times have changed.

Industry welcomes RSQ baseline report

9 Dec 2021

The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) welcomes the Commerce Commission’s final baseline report into retail service quality as it now provides an indication of the Commission’s focus for the year ahead.

TDR enquiries fall by 30 per cent in last year

7 Dec 2021

Telecommunications services are entrenched in all that we do, so when people have an issue with their mobile, home phone or internet it has a big impact on their lives.

Ability to keep phone number when switching provider protected for five more years

2 Dec 2021

The Commerce Commission has today announced it will continue to protect the ability of telecommunications consumers to keep their landline and mobile telephone numbers if they switch providers.

New Zealanders enjoy access to world-class broadband services

1 Dec 2021

Auckland experienced no significant drop in broadband performance compared with the rest of New Zealand during lockdown, the latest Measuring Broadband New Zealand report from the Commerce Commission shows.

November 2021

The right tools for the job

30 Nov 2021

If there's a theme for the tech sector next year I suspect it will be "digital equity".

Kiwis confronted with an alarming rise in online identity theft

17 Nov 2021

Newly released data from Netsafe shows incidents of identity fraud in New Zealand have increased by a shocking 86 per cent over the last financial year, while incidents of investment fraud have risen by 37 per cent over the same period.

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