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Codes of practice to facilitate infrastructure sharing and interconnections between network operators and service providers.


Facilitating a co-operative approach to co-siting radio communications equipment.

IP Interconnection

Technical standards for network operators to interconnect IP networks for the carriage of VoIP calls

Premises Wiring

Premises wiring information for cable installers and customers to ensure New Zealanders get the best out of their telecommunications services.

Sub Division Infrastructure

Guidelines to ensure property owners in new subdivisions can obtain the telecommunications services they expect.

UFB BSS/OSS Standards

Industry ultra-fast broadband (UFB) business and operational support systems standard

UFB Ethernet Access

Technical Ethernet access standards for Layer 2 fibre services to meet the evolving needs of industry.

VoIP Interoperability

Enabling analogue voice service delivery over a fibre connection

Wireless Facilities Community Engagement

A standard approach for wireless network operators to engage with communities on new wireless telecommunications facilities.

Last Modified On Friday, 24 August 2018