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Informing consumers about the costs of roaming services and alternative services available for roaming

What it is

The International Mobile Roaming (IMR) Code sets out minimum consumer information standards for outbound IMR and details initiatives to improve transparency of IMR prices and how to use IMR services.


The purpose of the code is to ensure consumers are more informed about the costs of using roaming services and information about other alternative services available to them, to enable consumers to better manage their overall costs whilst roaming.

Who it applies to

New Zealand mobile phone network operators who choose to sign-up to the code.

Who it affects

Consumers who want to use mobile roaming whilst travelling overseas.

Document status

Document type: Self-regulated code

Document version: 2nd edition. May 2014.


Draft for consultation

A draft amended International Mobile Roaming Code and International Mobile Roaming Guide (“The Code and Guide”) have now been prepared and issued for public consultation.

You are invited to examine the draft amended Code and Guide and provide your feedback. If you wish to make a submission, please note that the closing date is 5.00 pm, Tuesday 13th March 2018. Please send your submission via email to or post it to the Telecommunications Forum, P O Box 302469, North Harbour, North Shore City 0751.

Please note that unless stated otherwise, all submissions will be regarded as public and will be published on the TCF website.

Signatories to this Code

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