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Encouraging the responsible and compliant delivery of mobile messaging services to consumers

What it is

The Mobile Messaging Services Code sets out the rights and obligations for the advertising, promotion and operation of all premium and non-premium mobile messaging services.


To provide guidelines for aggregators, content providers and telecommunication service providers on the best practice management of mobile messaging services in New Zealand.

Who it applies to

  • Mobile Content Providers
  • Mobile Content Service Providers ('Aggregators')
  • Telecommunications Service Providers

Who it affects

Consumers who opt-in to receive mobile messages via a service, or receive txt alerts from a business they have a relationship with.

Document status

Document type: Self-regulated code
Document version: Out for consultation Sep 2021

Draft for consultation

The TCF has developed a draft Mobile Messaging Services Code (“The Code”) and is now issuing it for public consultation.

You are invited to examine the draft Code and provide your feedback.

If you wish to make a submission, please note that the closing date is 5.00 pm, Friday 1 October 2021. Please send your submission via email to or post it to the NZ Telecommunications Forum, P O Box 302469, North Harbour, Auckland 0751.

Please note that unless stated otherwise, all submissions will be regarded as public and will be published on the TCF website.

Signatories to this Code

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Last Modified On Monday, 6 September 2021