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To assist consumers who have an identified vulnerability and a dependency on connection to a fixed line telecommunications service.

What it is

The purpose of the Vulnerable End User Working Party (working party) is to develop an industry code of practice for service providers and network operators dealing with customers who have identified themselves as vulnerable, and to ensure that such Customers would not be unduly placed at risk through the provisioning process or subsequent failure of fixed line telecommunications services.


  • A Code describing an industry agreed definition of a Vulnerable End User to which a customer can self-identify with their service provider. The Code will set out consistent industry processes on a transaction level that allows for prioritisation of installation, fault reporting and onsite response times where appropriate, to support customers who have identified themselves as a Vulnerable End User.
  • Consultation with interested parties on the draft Code.
  • Implementation of Code.
  • Consumer information provided on the TCF website.

Public consultation on draft Code

The public consultation period for the draft TCF Vulnerable End Users Code has now closed. The following submission was received:

Code development

This workstream has been on hold, awaiting the release of the Commerce Commission's 111 Contact Code. The Code was published 17 November, 2020.

Who it applies to

  • Network Operators
  • Service Providers

Who it affects

  • Consumers of fixed line telecommunication services

Date established

February 2017

Working Party Members

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