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Guidelines for cable installers for both residential and business premises when connecting to telecommunications services

What it is

Guidelines for cable installers for the planning, installing and maintaining premises wiring that will deliver good long-term telecommunication service performance and reliability for New Zealand customers.

The installer’s guidelines are supported by information for customers, “Are you wiring for a smart home?” is a guide for customers when renovating or building to ensure they get the best out of their telecommunication services.


To enable good long-term performance and reliability of telecommunications services for the New Zealand customer by setting out best practice principles that parties involved in the design, installation and maintenance of generic cabling and facilities should adhere to when connecting telecommunication services.

Who it applies to

Telecommunications service cable installers

Who it affects

Customers of telecommunications services

Document status

Document type: Voluntary guidelines

Document version: 2nd edition. September 2015

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Last Modified On Tuesday, 13 March 2018