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Submissions made by the TCF on telecommunications related matters

Regulation and levies

TCF Submission to the Department of Internal Affairs On the Safer Online Services & Media Platforms ConsultationAug 2023
Climate Change Commission Advice re Second Emissions Reduction PlanJuly 2023
Consumer Data Right Exposure Draft BillJuly 2023

111 Contact Code Review

June 2023

Commerce Commission Copper Withdrawal Code Review

May 2023
Natural Built Environment and Spatial Planning BillsFeb 2023

Commerce Commission re TDRS Non-Membership

Aug 2022

TCF Response to MBIE Lifting Connectivity

July 2022

Number Portability Determination Review

Oct 2021
Telecommunications Dispute Resolution SchemeMar 2021
Telecommunications Dispute Resolution ReviewDec 2020
NZ Consumer Data Right Oct 2020
CT-100 Joint Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand ProjectSept 2020
NZ Accession to the Budapest ConventionSept 2020
Revocation and Replacement of TIPCAug 2020
Commerce Commission Draft 111 Contact CodeJuly 2020
TIPC AmendmentMar 2020
Films, Video and Publications Act Submission on Exposure DraftFeb 2020
Copyright Act Reform Issues PaperApril 2019
DPMC and MBIE Data Preservation Costs Consultation Paper Mar 2019
Commerce Commission Specified Fibre Areas Process and Issues PaperFeb 2019
Commerce Commission Copper Withdrawal Code Minimum RequirementsFeb 2019
Residential Tenancies Act Proposed ReformsOct 2018
MBIE on Commerce Commission Funding July 2018
Commerce Commission Funding for Future Fibre RegulationMay 2018
New Zealand Privacy BillMay 2018
Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment BillFeb 2018
Telecommunications Act Review: Post-2020 Regulatory Framework for Fixed Lines Services

Mar 2017

Telecommunications (Property Access and Other Matters) Amendment Bill Interim ReportNov 2016
TCF response to Northpower Proposal re Telecommunications (Property Access & Other Matters) Amendment BillSep 2016
Telecommunications (Property Access & Other Matters) Amendment BillAug 2016
Lawful Interception Standards - Call and associated data formatAug 2016
Resource Legislation Amendment BillMar 2016
Regulating Communications in the futureNov 2015
Allocation of funds from the Telecommunications Development LevyJul 2014
TSO for Local Residential Telephone Service ReviewAug 2013
Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Bill 2013Jun 2013
Proposed amendments to the UCLL, UBA, Backhaul and Co-location STD documentsAug 2011
New Unbundled Copper Low Frequency Service (UCLF) STPJul 2011
TSO, Broadband and Other Matters) Amendment BillMar 2011
Section 216 of the Criminal Procedure (Reform and Modernisation) BillFeb 2011
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