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To provide a seamless process and a good customer experience when transferring broadband and landline services between retail service providers over the fibre network. 

What it is

The Customer Transfer Code for Fibre (the Code) specifies the transfer process and supporting behaviour that service providers and Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) must adhere to when facilitating a transfer of a customer’s fibre telecommunications services in New Zealand.


The purpose of the Code is to ensure a positive customer experience when they request to transfer their fibre services between service providers in New Zealand.

Who it applies to

This Code is applicable to service providers and LFCs who participate in the transfer of fibre telecommunications services.

It is not intended to impact on other parties who do not have obligations under this Code.

Who it affects

New Zealand telecommunications customers who request to transfer their fibre telecommunication service/s from one service provider to another.

Services covered by this code

This code applies to the transfer of fibre services between service providers that are delivered by a Local Fibre Company.

What it doesn't cover

  • Porting of local, mobile or toll-free numbers
  • Transfer of mobile phone service
  • Transfer of telecommunications services regulated under the Telecommunications Act 2001
  • Transfer of wholesale fibre services between Local Fibre Companies

Code Status

This Code is currently being reviewed.

The revised Code is expected to be published early 2021

Code type: Voluntary Code
Document version: 1st edition. March 2016.


Signatories to this Code

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Last Modified On Wednesday, 3 November 2021