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Ensuring the effective delivery of emergency calls made via voice services

What it is

The Emergency Voice Calling Services Code (the Code) specifies call quality standards for voice calls to emergency services and customer information to be provided to emergency service providers.

Code signatories are required to provide customer billing name and address details to the Emergency Services Providers' National Location Register. This allows emergency service providers to provide assistance to 111 callers who are unable to identify their location to the 111 service themselves in an emergency.


To specify service performance and customer information standards for emergency calls made via voice telephony services

Who it applies to

Providers of voice telecommunications services to customers.

Who it Affects

  • Emergency service providers such as Fire, Police and Ambulance which are accessible by a 111 emergency call.
  • Telecommunication service customers

Document status

Document type: Mandatory code
Document version: 3rd edition. May 2015.

Signatories to this Code

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Providing customer details to emergency service providers national location register.

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Last Modified On Tuesday, 25 May 2021